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How to Get Lost!!!

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 Orienting in Venice, specially to a tourist, may seem extremely difficult, to be honest things are way easier than you  think.

Even in Venice, as any other city in the world, we have street sign, instead of direct cars, here  direct pedestrian. Those signs are called “ Ninzioletti” and are attached or mostly painted on walls of palaces or houses pointing the direction to follow to the most interesting places, and also the name of the places, square, street, bridges. Many of the places here in Venice has the name of the jobs that were done in the past. Ex. Calle dei fabbri, calle dei specieri, ponte delle…tette (tette means boobs, this is because of the prostitute that where showing their graces to the people passing by the bridge.)

However is not wrong to provide yourself with a detailed map of the city (can be bought in any tobacco store) that’s not helps you to find exactly the narrowest street (not all the street are on maps) but it will help you to spot the right direction and probably to realize where you are. Do not forget another quite important information source, Venetians!!!

If you get lost don’t be afraid to ask, Venetian are quite helpful and never refuse and help it shouldn’t be difficult to get an help from them to find out the right way, some of them speaks also a sort of exhilarating English.

Anyway get lost in Venice is a fun so forget about the map and follow your own feet!!!

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