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Gondola Traghetto

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How can I cross the Grand Canal without a bridge?

The bridges over the Grand Canal are four: Train Station Bridge (Ponte degli Scalzi), Rialto Bridge, Accademia Bridge and the new Calatrava Bridge, in Piazzale Roma

But, how can you cross the Grand Canal where you don’t have a bridge? Simple, with Gondola Ferry! You don’t have to confuse the traghetto with the traditional (and much more expensive!!!) Gondola. Traghetto is an everyday’s way of transportation (there are several stops along the Grand Canal), it’s cheap and ecological (you use the addles!!!).
It’s composed by a big Gondola (piloted by two Gondoliers) that goes from one side to the other of the Grand Canaland back. You just have to go to yours Traghetto stop and wait for a couple of minutes. Easy!

The “stazi” are four: San Marcuola - Fondaco dei Turchi, Ca’ D’Oro - Pescaria, Riva del carbon - Fondamenta dei Vini, San Tomà - Sant'Angelo, Ca’ Rezzonico - San Samuele and Salute - Campo del Traghetto.

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