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San Marco District

The Sestiere of Saint Marks is the oldest and most famous of the whole city of Venice, everything started from here. In the beginning it was called Rivoalto (from here the name Rialto) it is referred to the islands where the area was built, its fulcrum is Saint Marks, a place that for more than thousand years has been the political and administrative centre of the Venetian Republic.

The Sestiere is washed by Canal Grande on its northern side, to the east it borders with Castello and Cannaregio, it is linked to the Sestiere of San Polo by the Rialto bridge and to Dorsoduro by Accademia bridge, part of the sestiere is the isle of San Giorgio too. The resident of the quarter are few, at the end of 2007 they were only 4236, just because most of the palaces host touristic or touristic related activities. Sadly this is the price to pay for its beauty and wonderful art operas.

Il Campanile di San Marco - Venezia

St. Mark’ s Bell Tower is certainly one of the symbols of Venice, nicknamed “El Paron de Casa” (The Master of the House) . It is the highest building of the city, from the top of its 98.50 meters is possible to enjoy a 360° view of the city, a must if you're visiting Venice!!!

Canal Grande - Rialto - Venezia

So called the “Canalazzo“, is the most important water way of Venice, about 3800 meters long, it splits the city in two sides.

Fondaco dei Tedeschi - Venezia

It can be seen form Rialto Bridge, walking down the staircase on the left on the way to "Campo San Bortolomio".

Scuola Grande di San Marco

At present is the main entrance of the Hospital San Giovanni e Paolo, it lies in Castello District, beside the San Giovanni e Paolo’s Basilica on the homonymous square.

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

The Gothic Palace, famous for its spiral staircase that can be admired by everyone it’s part of those treasures of the city hidden in some narrow “calle”. It is situated in the “Corte dei Risi” (also known as Bovolo) close to Campo Manin in Saint Mark’s District.

La Torre dell'Orologio in Piazza San Marco - Venezia

The Bell Tower is one of the most famous monuments of Venice and the whole world, it is facing Saint Marks Square and it is the “ door” that enter into the “ Mercerie”.

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