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Saint's Mark Bell Tower

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St. Mark’ s Bell Tower is certainly one of the symbols of Venice, nicknamed “El Paron de Casa” (The Master of the House) . It is the highest building of the city, from the top of its 98.50 meters is possible to enjoy a 360° view of the city, a must if you're visiting Venice!!!

The present building is dated 1902. That year the original building (through the years it has been enlarged and restored several times) collapsed, its foundations, part of them still belongs to the original building from 1173, are built on hundreds and hundreds of wooden poles driven into the ground.

The entrance, called “Soggetta“, was built in the XVI century by Jacopo Sansovino. Its classic sculptures (representing the glory and history of the Serenissima Republic) were built after the Steeple collapsed.

Inside there are…the stairs…what else !!Oh yes, and a lift! (Built in 1962).

The 5 bells had a certain role during the Serenissima Republic: the “Marangona“ rang at the beginning and at the end of a working day, the “Nona” rang at midnight, "the Malefico” rang just before an execution, the “Mezzaterza“ and the “Trottiera” summoned Senators to the Doge's Palace for the Major Council.

Last but not least on the very top, the golden Angel, by Bartolomeo Bon.

Did you know that…
...the Bell Tower is one of the protagonists of the Carnival of Venice? It is from there that the flight of the “Colombina” starts!.

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