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Visiting churches: a tourist's vademecum

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Dear Visitor, we would like to remind you that a Church:

  1. Is sacred to God, don ‘t forget it, never !!
  2. It a place of cult for the Christian community, if you see us praying, wait until we end or come later on.
  3. It’ s an house of prayer that gift us with its silence, switch off your cell phone and pray with us.
  4. It is very special and deserve respect, that’ s why an appropriate dressing and behaviour is requested, just as when you are guest of an important person.
  5. It’ s open to everyone and children are much welcome, take them by the hand and tech them what you are doing.
  6. It’ s a story to know, it is nice when someone explain it to you and help to appreciate its beauty on a discrete way and low voice with style.
  7. It’ s a place where lots of operas are preserved, before taking a pic or a video ask if it is permitted.
  8. It has many more interesting things and places to discover, however not all corners are open to the public, it could be forbidden or dangerous.
  9. It is a very delicate ambient and it easily damageable, so do not take “ souvenir” or writing. Leave as it is for the future visitors.
  10. It preserve a common patrimony, remember that the Christian community welcome you in his house, even if it seems to be in a museum you should respect some rules….

Dear visitor, we are grate for any time you entered in our churches, with your courtesy you help us to keep a climate of meditation, everybody will be able to pray, you too.

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