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April 25th Saint Mark’ s celebration day, the Rosebud tradition

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On April 25th Venice celebrate the city patron, Saint Mark the evangelist. During the Serenissima Republic period they use to organize a procession with the participation of the authority either civil and religious, that started form Saint mark’s square.

Today tradition want that men gift their brides, fiancée and family women with a red rosebud dialectically called “ Bòcolo”
Legend want that this tradition comes from the tale of a young woman, a Doges daughter, who felled in love with a young valorous soldier, however his origins were not noble and the Doge
Didn’t approve the union, and prohibited the marriage, so the lady ask her man to Join the Carlo Magno armada and fight the Turks to get glory and honour, that way the Doges could’ t put obstacles to the marriage. The young man then left and his fame soon become stronger and stronger.
The young lady couldn’t wait for him to come back, unfortunately one day some knights returned to Venice with the bad new of the death of the young soldier, he felled deathly wounded over a bush
of white roses, just before passing he took one of the roses and asked to the knight to take it to his woman in Venice, his last thought was for his love. The lady took the white rose covered with the blood of her man. The day after she was found death with the rose on her hearth.

Since that day the the red rosebud, symbol of love the opens to the life and sun rays is offered to the women we love on Saint Mark celebration day, On April 25th on many squares, included Saint mark’ s square and by Venetian florists it is possible to buy the red rosebud, symbol of a great love.

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