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Venice is a unique city in the world, not only for the beauty of its churches and its monuments or for the richness of its artworks, but mainly for its particular morphology and location: in fact, the city, whose shape resembles a fish, rises on an archipelago of about a hundred big and small islands, separated by numerous canals and joined by bridges.

Venice is a “water city”, surrounded and carried through by the water of its lagoon. Therefore, there aren’t any roads for cars, motorbikes or bicycles, but only lanes, squares, waterways and canals… the city traffic takes place exclusively on pedestrian routes and on water! For this reason, arriving and getting around in Venice can be difficult if you are visiting the city for the first time…

The high tide phenomenon born with the city itself, Venetian citizens after many year passing by are resigned to live with the unwanted problem, and whilst they wait for a solution they found out few simple but efficacious solutions.

How can I cross the Grand Canal without a bridge? Simple, with Gondola Ferry! You don’t have to confuse the traghetto with the traditional (and much more expensive!!!) Gondola.

 Orienting in Venice, specially to a tourist, may seem extremely difficult, to be honest things are way easier than you  think.

In any other city, when raining, the traffic increase slowing quite a lot our march, but in Venice rain does not make any difference no cars here around, well so the problem is solved !!!

There are only two ways to get around Venice: on foot, or by boat (public or private transports)

It is not possible to enter by car and there aren’t any car parks in the city centre of Venice. If you are arriving in Venice by car, you should park it just outside the city, at Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto, which can be found just before Piazzale Roma.

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