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Walking in Venice with high tide

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The high tide phenomenon born with the city itself, Venetian citizens after many year passing by are resigned to live with the unwanted problem, and whilst they wait for a solution they found out few simple but efficacious solutions.

An acoustic alarm warn the citizens about an incoming high tide, sirens are installed at the top of the bell.

Soon venetians wear their plastic boots, some runs fast to their shop to raise things and put some movable barrier in front of the door to keep water out.
The city hall provide with catwalks allowing people to walk almost everywhere.

Remind that the water goes down in a couple of hours and everything come back to normality soon.

Even if you are not so bold you can easily walk through Venice, never had reports of people dragged by the flooding into the sea and became breakfast for starving sharks, so leave home your sea warrior equipment and get a pair of plastic booth (at least to the knees), some vendors sell also a sort of plastic bag with a sole, a bit light but I may work. Dressed like that probably you’ll never win a fashion prize but this allows to walk easily around the city and enjoy many of the situation you encounter: you will probably see people walking into the water with their shoes and long trousers, others with shoe laces around the neck and shoes hanging down walking barefoot, the worried eyes of people walking over the shaking and wet catwalks, people with boots carrying other people (without) on their back or pulling carriage, that usually are made to transport vegetables or miscellaneous goods, with someone sat, those sort of ferries need no money, just an hand shake or a smile.

Venetians have no reasons to be happy but tourists can see the other side living a small adventure and seeing how it is possible to live with such a situation that may seems worse than what it is really.

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