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How many times did you ask to yourself by visiting a city Why?? How come???
In this section you find an answer about the beautiful city of Venice, discover why you have to behave different or why things are so different from any other city. 
Discover the Venetians habits and rules, make you visit more comfortable and avoid bad surprise or surprise yourself pleasantly.

Since the beginning of 1300 citizens begin to organize rowing races on gondolas or traditional boats of that epoch, few years later the races took name of Regatta. The races become object of local culture belongs to the Venetian culture to which Venetian are sentimentally tied.  Obviously the most famous is the Historical Regatta, but there are many widespread over the lagoon.

One of the most important Venice’s event, lived from locals with passion and awaited by tourists too, thanks to the incredible fireworks show that will go on every year the third Saturday in July.

The Flight of the Angel is an event usually held on Shrove Thursday of Carnival(grasso) this has its roots due to an event that happened in the mid 16th century.

SPRITZ is the classic Venetian aperitif, it’s a mix of white wine, Aperol (sweeter) or Bitter Campari and Select (bitterer) and a squirt of seltz or Sparkling mineral water.

As known Venice lies in the water, and everything that floats and has an engine, mechanic or human, is a boat.

This word, literally translated from the Venetian dialect means "little sheet", picturesque shading that only dialects can provide, so what is "NINZIOLETTI"?

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