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Taxi in Venice

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As known Venice lies in the water, and everything that floats and has an engine, mechanic or human, is a boat. Consequently, taxis, motorboat or lance as they are also called are so different form any other city you can’t call a taxi by waving your arm, you have to go to a taxi pier or ask your favourite hotel concierge to call for one.

It’s a good habit to ask the cost, generally water taxi are more expensive than their wheeled "cousins" and they don’t use a meter, also check if it is a licensed one, the good ones has a yellow stripe with the taxi number on the glass of the cabin. Those are affordable and reliable and will avoid any bad surprise at the end of the trip.

A water taxi can take you everywhere in the city and islands, sometimes due to low tide and shallow water few areas are restricted, vice versa, due to high tide it may be possible that they can’t pass underneath a few bridges, also few area are restricted to motorboats.

Obviously in Piazzale Roma, car terminal of the city, is possible to get a taxi car (to the mainland). Those are bookable too or the office is available just in the centre of the square.

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