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Traditional Carnival Sweets

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During Carnival eveything is a feast, even the sweets!!! During this period bakeries serve “Frittelle” and all its variations, and “Galani” or “Crostoli” traditionally typical venitian products. If you come in Venice in this period you have to taste it!!!

During the Venetian Republic (Serenissima), “Frittelle” or “Fritole” as the venetians call them, were regarded as a national sweet. They were prepared and sold by “Fritoleri” (in the 17th century there was an association of 70 members.

The traditional recipe is a dough of flour, milk, eggs, sugar, a bit of salt, brewer’s yeast, sultanas, lemons and grated apples. The knead has to rest in a warm place then fried until it gets a gold tint, once cooked they are topped with sugar.

The “Galani” is a sheet of pastry made with eggs, flour, butter, sugar, a few drops of aniseed and a bit of salt, the sheets are cut into lozenge shapes in various dimensions and fried...once cocked they are topped with sugar.

Good Appetite!!!

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