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Venice Carnival Story

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Carnival is and will always be one of the best feast of Venice. This tradition has a long story that begins way back in the past. The word “Carnival” was used for the first time on a document by doge Vitale Falier about public amusements.

During the Serenissima republic the role played by the Carnival was more or less the same as it was the Romans shows held at the colosseum.
It was a relaxing moment for lower class people. Anonymous mask levelled al social differences, and even fooling the highest authority was permitted. This was tolerate to outburst the frustration of poor people.

The first document to declare a holiday was an edit from 1296 by Republic senators. In that era the Carnival least 6 weeks from the 26th December. To ashes Wednesday.

During this period all Venetian business where seconds, first was the organization of shows and jokes in any corner of the city, Saint Mark Square and Riva degli Schiavoni in particular.
Big open air shows with acrobats, musician dancers and pedlars were joined with private feasts, often quite transgressive held in private houses and theatres.

The climax was in the XVIII Century, well known in the whole world became a touristic attraction for thousands of visitors.

In 1797 Venice was conquered by Napoleon and Carnival banned to avoid rebellion by citizens, only in the major island the traditions was still on, however in a very modest way.

Recently the Carnival restarted officially thanks to public association aided by the Venice city Hall, the Fenice Theatreand Art Biennale.
Just few editions and the Carnival was the centre of world attention, way different form the past centuries, now least 12 days, the main days are Thursday and Tuesday gras, the main affluence is during the two week ends.
The program short but rich of event of any sort for the joy of adult and children, private and public feast for the thousand of people coming form every part of the world.

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