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How many times did you ask to yourself by visiting a city Why?? How come???
In this section you find an answer about the beautiful city of Venice, discover why you have to behave different or why things are so different from any other city. 
Discover the Venetians habits and rules, make you visit more comfortable and avoid bad surprise or surprise yourself pleasantly.

No visit to Venice is complete without seeing some of the remarkable buildings created by Andrea Palladio an architect of outstanding ability whose works are synonymous with the classical world.

Jacopo Comin a.k.a. Tintoretto, was born on Sept. 29th 1518 and passed May 31st 1594 in Venice.

Dear Visitor, we would like to remind you that a Church:

Venice has been the capital city of a former independent state called The Serenissima Republic of Venice

The calli talk about Venice and its history, their names are painted on walls along the call itself, those indications are called “ Ninzioletti” just because they look like small sheet hanging down.

The Gondola is a tipical boat of the Venetian Lagoon, unique and fascinating, to build it the authorized artisans uses 7 different wood type wisely placed on different part of the boat.

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