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Jacopo Comin a.k.a. Tintoretto, was born on Sept. 29th 1518 and passed May 31st 1594 in Venice. It was one of the most important artist of Venice and probably the last grand painter of the Italian renaissance, his real name, Comin, has been discovered lately and divulged only in 2007.

The dramatic use of the light and the perspective made of him the precursor of baroque art.

He began to work in 1530 by Titian studio, but immediately dismissed (it is say that Titian was envious of Tintoretto ability). In 1539 Tintoretto was already a master painter, his first great opera is dated 1548 "The Miracle of Saint Mark” (commissioned by the School of Saint Mark that refuses the opera because considered too strange). However due to the success of this opera he obtained the firsts public jobs.
In 1574 he bought an house in Venice in “ fondamenta do Mori” 20 years later he passed, he was laid to rest in the Church of “ Madonna dell’ Orto” .

Tintoretto was a great draftsman (more than 150 of his draws were found) his most famous painting are about religion(he painted also portrait of rich Venetians and self portrait too). His favourite subject was “ The last supper” at list 8 existing canvas. 

The particular use of light made him famous and unique at the same time. Subjects are put in evidence and projected in a baroque taste reality. Particularly important is the decoration of the “Scuola Grande di San Rocco”, began in 1564. Many of his operas can be admired by the Accademia Gallery (open daily except on few national holidays).

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