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One of the most important Venice’s event, lived from locals with passion and awaited by tourists too, thanks to the incredible fireworks show that will go on every year the third Saturday in July.

Since Saturday sunset a lot of decorated and enlighten boat flow into San Marco ‘s basin and into Giudecca ‘s drain.Waiting the fireworks show that start traditionally at 11,30 pm and goes  on for about 30  minutes until midnight, dinner is based on dishes of the traditional Venetian cuisine.

The Redeemer’s night is the most awaited event of the entire celebration, Saint Mark’ s basin in the background the game of light and reflections create an amazing setting.The boats later meet  up in lido for attending the down.

On  Sunday is built a votive bridge made by boats spaning over the Canal to connect the Isle of Giudecca with Venice, therefore it is possible reach Redeemer’s church by foot.

The Venice’s Patriarch inaugurates the celebrations while the crowd walks in procession to Giudecca’s island.

During Sunday it will be organised also 3 typical Venetian boats’ regattas.

The Redeemer celebration is the event to remind the church construction, as a vote for the liberation of the city from the plague on 1575-1577 that caused the death of more than a third of the population in just 2 years. At the end of the plague, in July 1577 it was decided to celebrate the liberation with annual effect,building a votive bridge.

This celebration becomes a tradition still active after 5 centuries.


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