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The "Ninzioletti"

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This word, literally translated from the Venetian dialect means "little sheet", picturesque shading that only dialects can provide, so what is "NINZIOLETTI"?

By walking around Venice it probably happened to you, or it will, to walk around feeling completely lost looking for a sing pointing the right way, well, painted in white on walls at about 2,50/3 meters high, there are rectangles about 150 cm x 50 cm with the name of  streets, squares, corners, bridges and more, being white and rectangular they remind sheets, the venetian word to say that is "ninzioleto or Ninzioleti" (plural).

Most of the streets got their names from episodes happened there in the past that remains impressed in the public opinion, some streets and square where known for the skilled artisans that has shops there, other places where well known for lucky or particularly unlucky events, assassination, betrayals, mostly the protagonists where the mid and low class, with some exceptions.

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