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Venice and the High Tide

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High tide in Venice is an expression quite in use even on tv news, this is how we called the phenomenon of flooding that periodically happen on high Adriatic sea and has its most visible effects on the Venetian Lagoon.

Sea level is determined by the following factors: the Astronomic tide, which depends on planets influences and can be determinate with great precision even years in advance, or by meteorology factors which is the sum of various natural events as wind strength and direction, different atmospheric pressure, rain, in this case a report can be made just few hours before the event, quite approximate.
The effects of the sum of all factors make the water getting into the three main port gates, Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia and rising form the piers and the manholes, this mean that when the tide is a meter over the average level, the parts of the city that are 89 or 90 centimetres over the average level as Saint Mark’s Square are covered with water for 10 or 20 centimetres.

The phenomenon is typical of Autumn and doesn’t’ happen all year long and many parts of the city are not low.

In any case there are no reasons to worry, the Venetian Government warn its citizens with sirens or other services as sms, this make the population ready to face the event, plastic boot and footbridges are used to move around the city when the tide is exceptionally high, however this rarely happen, bulkhead are raised in front of doorsteps to prevent the water to flood houses and shops on the ground floor, slowly the tide as it raised it goes down, so if you hear some sirens don’ t worry, be informed calling tide emergency phone nr. 0412411996, of course can’t be denied that the high tide is a discomfort and a big problem however this is a Venetian peculiarity, it recalls many curious tourists, this unique phenomenon has to be seen….wearing your plastic boots!

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