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Getting around Venice: public and private transports

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Public transports

If you don’t like to walk or time is too short then use public transports the ACTV boats links the historic centre and islands of the lagoon.

We suggest to take a ride on the water bus (vaporetto) that goes all along the Grand Canal (boat nr. 1) here faces the great historic palaces now site of museums and exhibitions.

Ticket available at mains boat stop or VE.LA. point.
Timetable. Rates and info on Website Hello Venezia .


Private transports

Certainly the most expensive are private water taxi, motorboats that provide the private service in the lagoon.
Another popular way, beloved by venetians who wants to cross the Grand canal not using one of the four bridges, is the “traghetto” gondola service, those goes back and forth all day long form a side to other of the Grand Canal, it cheap and passenger have to stand. Traghettos pier are San Marcuola, Santa Sofia, San Tomà, San Samuele, Santa Maria del Giglio and Dogana.

Needless to say that the most romantic way to visit the City by water is the famous Gondola, a sort of trademark of the city, not much in use by Venetian in that sense.

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