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The Cannaregio quarter (sestiere) is washed on the northern side by the lagoon and on the south by the Grand Canal, it is one of the most “Venetian” there you can still see the life from citizens side...

Our small tour begin on the eastern side of the quarter near the train station Santa Lucia, amongst the 13 great train station of Italy, the “Constitution” bridge known also as Calatrava bridge from the name of its Architect and the “Scalzi” (barefoot) bridge, here we walk into the road that lead us to Rialto area and cross the Lista di Spagna, Rio Terà San Leonardo, the Strada Nova, built in the 19th century, wanted by Napoleon to replace the maze of narrow streets and small courtyards, then “Santi Apostoli” square and finally the Rialto bridge .

At the end of the “Lista di Spagna” we get to “Ponte delle Guglie” ended in 1580 and rebuilt in 1823 adding 4 spires (this is the only bridge in Venice with this sort of embellishment).
On the left, alongside the canal “Tre Archi” we find the Jewish Getto, the oldest ghetto on Europe, there are five synagogues, then we find the “San Giobbe” area, for century the door of the city.
The area is characterized with the bridge “Tre Archi” (three arch) which is the only bridge of Venice with three arcade and the Saint Giobbe church, consecrated in 1493 and where Doge Cristoforo Moro is buried.

Walking alongside the Misericordia foundation, evening meeting point for many youngs we’ll get to “Do Mori” square and then Madonna dell’Orto Square where the homonymous church lies, the church, just few step from “Do Mori” square it is a beautiful gothic temple, almost unique in Venice, here are many Tintoretto operas, the painter is also buried in the church.
Not far is Saint Alvise Square with its church which the simple facade hide the beautiful colour and decoration that can be seen inside.

We are now on the northern side of the quarter facing the lagoon, why not go to the boat stop at “Madonna dell’ Orto” and take a look at the beauty of the panorama.
Walk back now trough the maze of streets toward the “San Marcuola” Church and the related square, both are facing the Grand Canal, from here you can admire the beauty of “Fondaco dei Turchi” and “fondaco del megio”.
We walk from here in the direction of Rialto along the “Strada Nuova” soon there is the “Ca’ D’oro” a well known Venetian Palace facing the Grand Canal, built around 1421 and 1440.
It is now a museum, this is an example of inestimable gothic architecture beauty , the name comes form the fact that the façade was entirely decorated with a gold leaf and other colours now sadly disappeared. On the inside there are operas by Giorgio Franchetti.

Our tour ends in Santa Sofia square, few steps form Rialto bridge, try to find the church, you’ll realize that it is not easy, the façade has been walled up by the French for symmetrical reason whilst building the Strada Nuova, same sort happened to the palace in forn of the church, partially demolished.

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