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Walk under the rain

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In any other city, when raining, the traffic increase slowing quite a lot our march, but in Venice rain does not make any difference no cars here around, well so the problem is solved !!!

However we need a good glance and care to solve some intricate situations that we may encounter on our way. The main obstacle in case of rain is…the umbrella, yes it’s like that! Our guarantee for dry hear and clothes turn into a spiteful and cumbersome object. Try to walk trough a narrow and populated street, you will hear the shrill sound of the umbrella against the wall or bumping into ones passing by.

Stop for a while and take a look, the ones that walk fast and secure are the Venetians, they raise up or pull down their umbrellas, they don’t hit walls or persons, not even slow down.
If you are face to face with one of them, keep on going on your way he will move aside and you would instantly understand his direction. 

With a little practice you will surely walk fast and get a real Venetian “wrist”.

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