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Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

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In Venice is simply known as the Church of Frari (Friars). The first building dates back to 1250-1338 (gothic period) by Francescani Friars, but it was lately replaced by a bigger building (in gothic style, too) around the half of XV century.

Its Bell Tower is the second in height of the city after the one in Saint Mark's square.

The inside of the church is wide and rich of works of art of incomparable beauty. Moreover it contains the only Presbyterian Fence still on his original site of all Venice.

The "Canova' s Tomb" where his heart is buried, it's an opera dedicated to the Master from his apprentices, who based the project on some originals drawings of a tomb (never made) that should have been dedicated to Titian.

The Funerary Monument to Titian (1853), was built by Canova's Luigi and Pietro Zandomenghi apprentices instead of the one designed by Canova himself.

"The Assumption of the Virgin" (1518), a spectacular opera by Titian, situated behind the main altar, is the biggest altarpiece in all Venice!

On the left and on the right of the altar stand the tombs of Doge Nicolò Tron and Doge Francesco Foscari. This one marked a record of sovereignty in Venice: 34 years (1423-1457).

To be mentioned are, moreover, the two Historical Organs of the Church (the first hints about them dates back to 1400).

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