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The Bridge of Sights

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The Bridge of Sight is one of the most famous opera of Venice, it is mostly remembered for the magic and romantic moment when lovers passing by on a gondola to tell the truth the bridge was made for way different purpose.

It was built to link the Dogi palace and the prisons (prigioni nuove) the first building in the world to be built for that scope.
The bridge is an opera by Architect Antonio Contin, son of Bernardo and was made in the beginning of XVII century commissioned by Doge Marino Grimani which symbol is engraved in the middle of the bridge. It is completely made in Istria stone (a material quite in use in Venice).

The bridge allow the guard to take the prisoners directly to the trial hall avoiding to walk out of the prison.
The bridge can be admired from a gondola of form the two bridges by side, the “ Canonica” bridge and the “ Paglia” bridge, this one is facing the Saint Marks basin.

The name comes from the last sight of the condemned prisoner, once they were sentenced guilty they couldn’t come back any more.The bridge of sight is famous to the point to have inspired tributes copy in New York and in England.

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