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The flight of the Rat

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For some years now caught an entirely Venetian event, which closes the Carnival: this is the Svolo della Pantegana (flight of the Rat), a parody of the famous flight of the angel who is held in Piazza San Marco and which officially opens the festivities of the Carnival of Venice. This small but very picturesque event, held in Cannaregio, in the heart of the popular Venice, as opposed to the sumptuous atmosphere of the square where the most valuable masks reign. Here, from the bridge of Tre Archi, a huge paper mache rat will be dropped at the conclusion of the water parade from Punta della Dogana, along the Grand Canal, that will enter into the rio di Cannaregio passing under the Ponte delle Guglie and finally under the bridge of Three arches.

Immediately after the "svolo" will open the food stalls with free distribution of food and typical dishes. To follow the awards to the vessels of the water parade that will have had the rowers with the nicest masks.


Where: Ponte di Tre Archi-Cannaregio

When: Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 11:50


To access the full schedule of events click here.

Thanks to Studio Chinellato for the photographic material (

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