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If you need an idea during your stay those pages are the right place where to lurk. We propose several itineraries, from art and culture, the accessible ones, or the most curios and particular, just to follow an out of the standard way, something different. 

Discover the Saint Mark’ s secrets and his monuments, visit the Rialto market as you never did before, visit the most hidden and dark corners of Venice and get off, at list for one day, from the crowded. and the same places. Discover the tales of the forgotten but rich of popular tradition corners. Discover the wild life around the city, the lagoon and its islands, and much more.

A route studied in order to allow the people with motor and sensory disability to visit the International Art Exhibition, the art biennial which takes place in Venice in the locations of Giardini and at the sites of Arsenale.

Though the city centre of Venice, built on a hundred small islands connected by more than 400 bridges, can seem to be one of the least accessible places in the world, following very simple routes that include sights and places without architectural barriers, people with motor or sensory disability can also enjoy this marvellous city and soak up its undisputable magic.

Venice is not only Saint Mark Square and Rialto , there are many other things to discover!!! A different itinerary can be a visit to the Main Islands of the Venetian Lagoon: Murano (famous for the glass laboratories), Burano (where you can buy very nice handmade lace works) and Torcello (here you will find the older Church of Venice).

Many of the smallest islands of the Venetian Lagoon (now deserted) a few years ago were wide urban agglomerations inhabited by lagoon population...

Did you ever think to have a Jogging session inside a museum? In Venice you can! Obviously we’ re not talking about a real museum but of the city itself, so rich of history to be considered an open air museum.

Walking around Castello, the biggest district of Venice which includes the island of San Pietro di Castello, the ancient religious heart of the city, and the area of Arsenale, the ancient shipyard of the Serenissima.

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Dinner with view in a very exclusive location? Yes you can! Venice is not famous only for its history, culture and gondolas.

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