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The small islands of the Venetian Lagoon

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Many of the smallest islands of the Venetian Lagoon (now deserted) a few years ago were wide urban agglomerations inhabited by lagoon population...

A lot of these island (mainly those of the northern part of the lagoon) are now part of a rebuilding process (partly private and partly public).

Lazzareto Nuovo has been used as quarantine for sick persons and suspect goods arriving in Venice. Now more then 10.000 people visit the island, where you can find archaeological sites, scholastic excursions and many many events.

Located at the entrance of the lagoon, three km NE from Venice City, was born probably as a strategic surveillance area. Archaeological finds are testimonials of the human presence starting from the Bronze Era, and the first written document is from 1015: an official document where the Island is called “Vigna Murada”.

During the medieval period it has been property of the San Giorgio Maggiore’s Monks, who built a Church in the honour of San Bartolomeo.

In 1468, by decision of the Serenissima Government, the island started to be used as a quarantine area. The name “Nuovo” (new) came from this era, it was used to distinguish the Island from the other Lazzareto already existing in Lido.

During the XVIII Century the island has been progressively deserted and during the Napoleon’s Domain it was used for military purposes (there where a lot of “Fortificazioni” trhough the Lagoon).

This Island is easily reachable with the public boat leaving from Fondamenta Nuove, line 13 (it stops on request).

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