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The islands of the Venetian lagoon

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Venice is not only Saint Mark Square and Rialto , there are many other things to discover!!! A different itinerary can be a visit to the Main Islands of the Venetian Lagoon: Murano (famous for the glass laboratories), Burano (where you can buy very nice handmade lace works) and Torcello (here you will find the older Church of Venice).

And you can also find a lot of very good places for lunch or dinner!!!


Murano and San Michele

Murano Island is very close to Venice, you can reach it with the public boat 41 from Piazzale Roma, Saint Mark or Fondamenta Nuove.

This island is famous in the world for its artistic glass works (the entire glass production moved to this island during the XII Century).
The island still preserves most of its artistic treasures from its “golden years”. If you come here you must visit theChurch of SS. Maria and Donato, a Bizantine building from the VII Century. It has fabulous mosaic decorations!!!

Facing the Murano Grand Canal you will find Palazzo da Mula e Palazzo Giustinian, the old seat of the Bishops of Torcello (now Glass Museum).

Between Venice City and Murano you find San Michele Island. It was the seat of the Camaldonesi Monks, now it’s the Cemetery of Venice.


Burano and Mazzorbo

Burano is the most populated island of the Nothern Lagoon of Venice. It is a fisherman’s island (so why not plan a lunch here?), but it’s also famous for its artworks of Lace (this industry was born during the Renaissance).
The island itself it’s very particular: all the buildings are painted in vivid colours!

Mazzorbo is connected to Burano with a Bridge. Long time ago it was a religious island, habituated by nobles. Now just few families live there, they farm orchards and vineyard.

The island is easily reachable from Murano with the public transportation.


Located northern Burano, it was one of the most populated and prosperous centres of the Venetian Lagoon. Now the Torcello is almost uninhabited and with few tourists. A very nice place to sit down and relax!!!
Here you can visit the fabulous ruins of the complex of Santa Maria Assunta: the Church, the baptistery, the Small Church of Santa Fosca and the famous Attila’s Throne (a marble seat that was used by the Justice Emissary).

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