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Jogging at the Museum

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Did you ever think to have a Jogging session inside a museum? In Venice you can! Obviously we’ re not talking about a real museum but of the city itself, so rich of history to be considered an open air museum.

A vacation can be made of cultural and fun moments as sport, worth to mention that running will help you to digest all the good food eaten the day before.
Where goes the Venetian for their runs? Where are the best places for a bit of jogging avoiding slaloming around tourists ? We tell you that! Grab shorts, running shoes and...why not ? A camera !!

We individuated three different length course, two from Piazzale Roma and one from Saint Mark’ s Square.

Course nr. 1 is 4,5 km long, from the centre of Piazzale Roma take direction to Papadopoli gardens, you will get in front of Rio Novo. At this point turn right and run alongside the Rio Novo until an iron bridge, once here turn right then left go over the first bridge you meet, run along the foundation then at the end turn right cross two bridges (the second one take you on the other side of the canal).
You just passed beside Campo dei Carmini end the homonymous church built between 1286 and 1348!

Go straight in the direction of San Basilio across a small foundation and then a small square (San Basegio) alongside the foundation you can admire the church of San Sebastian, here you are in San Basilio in front of Canale della Giudecca, turn left and rung alongside the canal (part of the course of the Venice Marathon), the view here is breathtaking , you can admire the giudecca isle, the Church of Redentore (Palladio 1557) and the church of Zitelle (probably by Palladio).
Alonside the pier you find the Zittelle boat stop, nearby the Santa Maria della Visitazione church (built in 1494 by Gesuati friars) and a step forward, the Magazzini del Sale until the Punta della Dogana, freshly restored and now a museum.
From here a magnificent view, the best of the city, in front of you the isle of San Giorgio Maggiore and its Church, on the left Saint Mark’ s Square with its column, the whole Riva degli Schiavoni and the Libreria Sansoviniana (Library), a bity more on the left the beginning of the Grand Canal and, on your back, the gorgeous church of Salute. Did you remember you camera ?

At this point walk around the Punta della Dogana pass in front of the Salute Church and cross the small bridge there beside, follow the street and find yourself in front of the Canale della Giudecca.
Now you can run back to the starting point.

The second itinerary start from the Piazzale Roma as well and goes on the opposite direction, toward the mainland. It is the longest of all three, running alongside the whole bridge and back means 8,5 km. However the road is flat and straight!!! Remember to run on the left side of the bridge (with Venice at your back), here the footstep is larger and there are no interruptions. Your run could be disturbed by the noise of the car passing by, but the landscape will compensate!!! To the left and to the right the lagoon, a few rowing boat here and there a fisherman or two and nothing else, do not forget to take with you a bottle of water, no bars along the way.

The last itinerary we suggest start from the centre of Saint’ Mark’ s Square. Is better do that away from the busy hours, earlier than 9 am or after 6pm, you are in the city centre and may be a real problem running on the central hours!
This is a 5 km run.

Starting from the square centre, look the Saint Mark’ s Church and run forward, turn right toward Saint Mark’ s Basin run across the columns (the Doge Palace on your left and the Sansovino library on the right) , once you are facing the water turn left an run alongside the Riva degli Schiavoni, few small bridges to run over, nothing really difficoult.
The foundation goes beside Saint Mark’ s Basin until Giardini (Biennale pavilion main site) and goes to the Collegio Nautico Morosini at this point run back.
Also this course benefit of a breathtaking view, as soon you pass the columns on your right the beginning of the Canal Grande, the Salute Church and the Punta della Dogana, in front of you the Giudecca island and the San Giorgio Island with its church, along the Riva degli Schiavoni you can admire the San Servolo island and the Venice Lido, (if you are going those are both on your right) also here the camera is suggested...

Obviously those are only few proposal about jogging in Venice, as you already know Venice is all walkable so you can run everywhere you like, we suggest to choose an appropriate moment to avoid the crowd and run easily.

Have a good training!

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