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Chrurch of San Sebastiano

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The present Church has been consacrated in 1562, the project is by Antonio Abbondi(1506) and the building ended in 1548. It is on the Sestiere of Dorsoduro and it faces the homonymous canal.

Before the church there was an hospice of San Girolamo congregation (1393) lately an oratory was added and become a church in 1468.

The church look simple and modest as per the original project (renaissance style) this was because of the life style of the commitments and also for economic reasons.
However the interior is embellished with operas of inestimable value. We are talking about some frescoes by Paolo Veronese, painted in the period between 1555 and 1565 an committed by Bernardo Torlioni. The Veronese spent part of his life inside this church, decorating almost completely the ceiling, the central nave, the major altar, the chorus, the frieze, the presbytery and the organ (there nearby is the tomb of the Artist). Particularly beautiful are the three canvas "Storie della Regina Ester” painted in 1556.

The church can be almost considered a mausoleum dedicated to Veronese, it represent one of the most important places of Venetian Art in Venice. It’ s a pity that this is unknown to most of the tourist.

The atrium is surrounded by the chorus, walking across we reach the nave (Latin cross shape) the presbytery has an apse overhang by a small dome.

The entrance is free.

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