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Guglie Bridge

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The Ponte delle Guglie (bridge) is the only one to be decored with pinnacles, added after a restoration in 1823, it cross the Cannaregio canal (sestiere of Cannaregio) the only inner canal of the historic centre to be crossed by public boats, the service on this are is suspended in case of high tide, the water raise and the arcade of the bridge become lower so boats can get trough.

Last restoration was made in 1987, steps were redone (were in Tarmac now in stone) also a disable ramp has been installed, and it is one of the few permanent ramp in the whole city.

The bridge is way busy being on one of the most important street of the city, the Strada Nuova, that link the Piazzale Roma, train station, Rialto and Saint Mark, a little bit further on there is the Rialto market.

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