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Cannaregio District

As well as the Sestiere of Castello it is the largest and populated quarter of the city, it takes the whole northern part of the city, it is delimited by the Lagoon, the Grand Canal and the Castello and Saint Mark Sestiere. The Cannaregio canal is the most important water way of the quarter right after the Grand Canal and it is the only inner canal crossed by the ACTV (public transport company) boats. Also Cannaregio is linked to the mainland by a bridge, it is the long railroad bridge from the Santa Lucia Train station to the mainland.

Its name come probably by the fact that here there where many reed thicket. This appear also on a book date 1410. This is a popular quarter of Venice, well know for the presence of the Jewish getto (the oldest in Europe). The majority of the operas in this part of the city can be admired inside  churches.

Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto

The Church is built on the homonymous square, on the northern side of the Cannaregio quarter.

Chiesa di San Giobbe - Sestiere di Cannaregio

The Church (originally it was an hospice) was built by Giovanni Contarini in an area of his property. It is in Cannaregio, one of the six districts of Venice, near the “Ponte dei tre Archi”.

Chiesa di San Marcuola - Venezia

The Church faces the Grand Canal and was erected on the XII century by Family Memmo former owners of the isle of San Giorgio and Lupanizza.

Chiesa di Sant'Alvise - Venezia

The church, built in 1383, was dedicated to Saint Ludovico da Tolosa (known in Venice as Saint Alvise)

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

This Church was commonly called the Jesuits church it is on the homonymous square, few steps for Fondamenta Nuove , the history of the church is related to the company of Jesus founded by Saint Ignazio by Loyola

The Ponte delle Guglie (bridge) is the only one to be decored with pinnacles, added after a restoration in 1823, it cross the Cannaregio canal

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