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Church of San Giobbe

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The Church (originally it was an hospice) was built by Giovanni Contarini in an area of his property. It is in Cannaregio, one of the six districts of Venice, near the “Ponte dei tre Archi”.

The present building is dated 1450 and was consecrated in 1493 thanks to the Franicscan friar San Bernardino (who lived in Venice before his death in 1444) and the future Doge Cristoforo Moro (whom financed the opera). The bell tower was erected in 1464.

The Church was projected by architets Antonio Gambello and Lorenzo di Gian Francesco, the interiors where embellished by Pietro Lombardo
The biggest part of its decorations are related with the Franciscan friars, in particular is worth to be mentioned the lobby and the jambs (both enriched with Christian allegories) and the three statues of the saints, San Bernardino from Siena, San Ludovico from Tolosa (known also as Sant’Alvise from Venice) and Sant’Antonio from Padova.

Inside there is a unique nave, characterized by the asymmetry made by the four chapels on the left side, while the right side is linear with 4 altars (it lies on the ruins of a monastery demolished in 1812).
The presbytery is preceded by a triumph arch surrounded by statues of the Archangel Gabriel and the Annunciation. It is a perfect square and by the 4 sides there are 4 columns. Above it there is an half-dome with the statue of the 4 Evangelists by Pietro Lombardo.

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