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Redentore's Church

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The Church is the fulcrum of the Redentore's feast, celebrated on the third Saturday of July, all citizens are involved (in memory of a plague that killed a third of the population in 1557).

The Redentore's Church lies on the Giudecca island. It was built in 1577 following a project by Andrea Palladio. One year later on July 20th, the end of the plague was celebrated with a procession of pilgrims going to pray (on the other side of the Giudecca Canal) from “Fondamenta delle Zattere“ to the homonymous Redentore's Church, crossing a bridge of boats . This bridge is built every year since then.
The church was assigned to the Cappuccini Friars (order of the Franciscans) thus determining a sober furnishment, (the use of marble is not contemplated, being too valuable).

The plan (four triangular gables and one rectangular are intersecated among them), is another masterpiece of the artist of Neoclassical inspiration. The internal is composed by a single nave, very bright, with impressive (and decorated) lateral chapels.

The most important element is the light, that, as in all Palladio's operas, emphasizes the volumes and the decorations of the structure. Palladio passed away in 1580 and the opera was ended by Antonio da Ponte in 1592.

The "Redentore's Feast", tied strongly with the history of the Church, it's not only a religious celebration, but a true celebration for the city itself, probably the only one that involves all the city.

For this important occasion, an evening performance with fireworks is organized. It is a tradition to dine on the ship along the "fondamentas" that face Saint Mark's basin (which is closed during the celebration) and to stay until the end of the fireworks' show.

The day after, regattas are organized with the traditional Venetian boats.

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