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Painting as an Experiment

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From 27 June to 28 September 2020, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice will host the exhibition Painting as an Experimentation (1948-1958) by the artist Lygia Clark. Lygia Pimentel Lins (05 October 190-25 April 1988) better know precisely as Lugia Clark, was a brazilain artist famous of her paintinged, sculpturrs, work on paper, films actions and therapeutic art. It was often associated with the Brazilian constructivist movements of the mid-twentieth century and with the Tropical movement. Together with Brazilian artists  like  Amilcar de Castro , Franz Weissmann, Lygia Pape and the petess Ferreira Gullar, Clark co-founded the Neo-Concrete movement. Throughout his career, Clark discovered a new way to visit the museum (which would then be referred to as "participants") interacting with his works of art, trying to redefine the relationship between art and society. Clark’s work was mostly about inner life and feelings. The exhibition recalls the crucial years of training of the artist, those between 1948 and 1958, bringing together the paintings that offer a vision of the whole of the first decade of Lygia Clark’s career, when Clark experiences figuration and abstracion in the articulation of the intriguing visual lunguage that will define her mature producion.

Opening every day  10 AM- 06 PMThe ticket office closed at 05.30 PM

Tickets: Full Price 15  €/Reduced Price 9-13 €

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