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Historical Regatta

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The Historical Regatta is a very important and culturally significant event, equal parts sports challenge and historical reenactment. It takes place on the Grand Canal.

In the old days, a Regatta was a simple activity which allowed Venetians to pass the time and practice their rowing on different kinds of watercraft. What used to be a pastime eventually evolved into a series of competitions to compare speed and technique, with ever more detailed rules. Today, the Regatta is held on the first Sunday of September – this year on September 1st. Everyone can join the event, from rowing enthusiasts to the general public. The event will be preceded on August 29th by the blessing of the boats which will take place in the event (at 18:00 in Campo della Salute square).

On the day of the Regatta, the event will begin at 16:00 with a procession of historical boats and costumed reenactors down the Grand Canal. Venetian rowing associations and culture clubs support the event. The procession will start from St Mark’s basin and progress down the Grand Canal.


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