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March at "La Fenice" Theatre

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The musical comedy played the first time in Berlin in 1928, wants to be, from the idea of the author, a critic about greed and cynicism of the middle-class, representing on the stage the reality of London’s criminality.
The story tells about the wedding of a famous criminal with the daughter of a middle-class man who manage the delinquency in London. He try in every possible way to made condemn at the hanging his son-in-law and when he did it, before the execution a Queen messenger bring a reprieve for the young man and confer to him the baronet title.

"La Fenice" Theatre Foundation
Campo San Fantin, 1965
30124 Venice


07/03/2012 ore 19.00 turno A

08/03/2012 ore 19.00 turno D

09/03/2012 ore 19.00 turno E

10/03/2012 ore 15.30 turno C

11/03/2012 ore 15.30 turno B



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