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200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn

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The great composer who created what we know today as “the Viennese classical style”. spent most of his life on the elegant estate of the Esterhazy family, a splendid residence in Hungary called “the second Versailles,” where many of the Austrian and Hungarian aristocracy visited and listened to the concerts arranged by Haydn, often with new pieces by him composed for the occasion.

Haydn played a vital role in the history of music, not only for his innovations in the classical style, but he is also considered the “father of the symphony, the sonata and the string quartet”. He lived at the time of the transition from harpsichord to piano, and at the beginning of his career wrote pieces that featured the harpsichord.

We will hear one of these pieces, a divertimento, at the concert at Casa di Goldoni performed by Marija Jovanovic, spinet, and Pier Paolo Ciurlia, tiorba. There will also be arias and duets from Haydn’s famous opera buffa, “Il mondo della luna,” based on a comedy by Carlo Goldoni and sung by Liesl Odenweller and Stavros Mantis. This is a delightful opera about a joke played by a “pseudo-astronomer” who deceives a rich old miser into thinking he is on the moon.

Arie dall’opera Il mondo della luna (basata su una commedia di Goldoni)
Divertimento in Sol maggiore
Concerto in sol maggiore

Suite in Re minore
Ensemble MusicaVenezia

Casa di Carlo Goldoni San Polo 2794 - calle dei Nomboli
Tel. 041 2440317


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