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Concert "Women's voices"

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The concert will begin with pieces by Hildegard von Bingen, the 12th-century German mystic known as “The Sybil of the Rhine”. In addition to works on theology, this remarkable woman wrote beautiful music under the influence of visions. For her, music was invented as a way to worship God, and her works are like the singing of angels.

The female voices of the Ensemble Vocale Gaspard Edesse will perform the works by Bingen as well as cantatas by Barbara Strozzi, a famous Venetian composer born in 1581. The adopted daughter of the Venetian poet Giulio Strozzi, she was the leading female composer in the early Baroque era. She was respected for her intellect and musical ability and wrote over 125 works, often performing them herself.

Finally there will be works by a well-known French composer, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, who became part of the court of Louis XIV both as a talented harpsichord player and a gifted composer. In 1694 she produced the first opera written by a woman in France. In this concert we will hear examples of both her wonderful harpsichord suites and her vocal music performed by Ensemble MusicaVenezia, with Liesl Odenweller, soprano, Marija Jovanovic , harpsichord, and Pier Paolo Ciuyrlia, theorba and lute.


Music by
Hildegard von Bingen, Barbara Strozzi, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Female Voices of Ensemble Vocale Gaspard Edesse
Ensemble Musica Venezia

Museo Ca’ Rezzonico
Dorsoduro 3136
Tel.Ca’ Rezzonico tel: 041 5225493, APT Tourist Offices 041529 8711


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