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Paolo Fresu and Lele Costa: concert for instruments and narrating voice

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The modern jazz sound of Fresu’s trumpet mingles with the magical and archaic sound of the Dhafer Youssef’s sacred oud - the Arabic lute, engaging in a dialogue with the accordion of Antonello Salis, the guitar of Bebo Ferra and the contrabass of Paolino Dalla Porta. Mediterranean poetry and sound through the narrating voice of Lella Costa, reading the text by the writer Marcello Fois, will enrich this unique night.
In the same date, at the Mlibran Theatre, the International Theatre Workshopof the Venice Biennale will present "la Sindrome di Sant'Erasmo"
documentary film by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani
original soundtrack by Paolo Fresu.

For more info visit the Site Venezia da Vivere

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