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Two big comedies are to be expected at the Goldoni
Theatre in January: Molière's "The Miser" and Checkov's "The cherry orchard"
will be on show on the Venetian theatre.

Molière's "The Miser", on stage from January 11th
to 15th, will be directed by Marco Martinelli who has revisited the
character of the rich moneylender Harpagon giving him the feminine appearance
of Ermanna Montanari.

Checkov's last work "The cherry orchard", intended by
the writer as a comedy but directed as a tragedy, will be on show from 18th
to 22 th. under the direction of Paolo Magelli and played by Valentina
Banci, Francesco Borchi e Valeria Cocco.



Goldoni Theater
San Marco 4650/b, Venice


"The Miser" 11-15 January
"The cherry Orchard" 18-22 January

Opening Hours:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8:30 pm
 Thursday, Sunday 4:00 pm


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Stalls     29,00            26,00
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