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Great concert for the Immaculate Conception feast

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The basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo is considered the Pantheon of Venice for the large number of Venetian Doges and other important persons who have been buried there since the thirteenth century.

The Cantores Sancti Marci is a music ensemble active in St. Mark since the beginning of 1300, so it can be said that the Chapel of the Basilica of St.Mark in Venice is one of the oldest institutions of music, still operating, that there are in the world.

The concert will present the songs collected on the CD "Voce mea ad Dominum (Psalm77) which are part of the repertoire that in recent years has enriched the liturgical celebrations in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, both in the most solemn occasions like Easter, Christmas and the feast of St. Mark, both at Chapter Mass on ordinary  Sundays.

AVSI Foundation, promoter of this event, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in Italy in 1972 and presently active in 39 countries of the world, with more than 120 development cooperation projects.

The concert will start at 5 pm. and the proceeds of the offerings will be donated to charity for AVSI projects in Birmania, Mexico, Holy Land and Uganda.


For more information:

AVSI Point Venezia
Phone 334-8888132




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