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Risonanaze Fall 2008-2009

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Risonanaze Fall 2008-2009 is the right opportunity for dicover unforgettable trials such as the Vigroux-Sharp-Chevillon-Baron’s jazz performance (November 13). On Nov. 19 Fondamenta Nuove Theatre will host Micheal Gira’s rock Concert.
On Nov. 27 will be the turn of Angel-Trio: one of the most important European digital band.
Maybe Mark Steward’s Concert with Maffia's band is the most awaited
meeting in Risonanze Fall 2008-2009; viewers can watch an exciting
musical performance on the border between punk, dub, funk and
elettronic Music. (Dec. 4). The last Meeting of this overview will host Alessandro Bosetti’s artistic experimentations (12 Feb. 2009).

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