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La Fenice Theatre

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The Fenice Theatre is one of the best known not just in Venice but worldwide. It was designed in 1790 by Giannantonio Selva commissioned by a rich and famous drama company. The building was subject of criticism mainly for the positions (in saint Mark’s area, campo San Fantin) and for its Neoclassic style.

This was also one of the reason why it was built on record speed. It was inaugurated on May 16th with an opera by Giovanni Paisiello: “I giochi di Agrigento”.

Its life has been signed not only with success and international fame but also with two fires that burned it down to the ground: the first was in 1836 and the second one (an arson) in 1996. The first reconstruction was entrusted to Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna (respectively an Ingeneer and an Architect), it has been rebuilt following the previous project. The second reconstruction was marked with countless legal controversy and was entrusted to Aldo Rossi.

During the centuries it has been stage for many world premiere of operas become part oh the history, Gioacchini, Rossini, Verdi and more Donizetti, Bellini, Stawinsky… All of them gave their best creation on the stage of this great theatre.

The theatre itself has been spectator of the city life, he known the Serenissima Republic, Napoleon, the Austrian empire, the reign of Italy and the Italian Republic.

Actually the theatre hosts an important Operas Season, an International Festival of Contemporary Music and the new year eve concert.

Teatro La Fenice
Campo San Fantin 1965
30124 Venezia
041 786511

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