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The "Festa della Sensa"

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On the occasion of the Ascension day of Christ named  “ Sensa”  in Venetian dialect – the doge, aboard of  legendary ship "Bucintoro" (Bucentaur) , reached San Pietro di Castello where  the Bishop used to wait him  for his blessing, to mean the distension of relations between Papacy and Empire.  In fact  the anniversary also celebrates another moment in the history of the Serenissima,  the stipulation of the peace treaty  between the doge Sebastiano Ziani, Pope Alexander III and the emperor Frederick Barbarossa, held in 1177. The Festival culminates with the propitiatory rite of the launch of real gold ring in the sea by the doge upon reaching the access to the city Harbour, to emphasize the indissoluble relationship of Venice with the sea and all activities linked to it.
Historically the Sensa is the result of an overlap of rites and civil and religious events, today we prefer to attribute the meaning of Sea Festival.
From the 1965 Venice has begun to celebrate this anniversary with a Committee that organizes every year the water procession that moves from San Marco to the Lido to culminate, after the launch of the golden ring , in a religious function in the Church of San Nicolò al Lido.
In addition there are rowing competitions every year and other side events including the ' Adriatic 'Twinning of Venice with other cities linked historically to Serenissima republic and the sea.


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