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The Goldoni Theatre

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In the beginning there was the Vendramin Theatre, inaugurated in 1622 with a comic comedy directed by Antonio Chioffo.

The theatre has been restored twice, in 1684 and lately in 1952 after a fire, on the first period the theatre hosted in prevalence Lyric operas, finally in 1700 it held also prose, in 1752 Francesco Vendramin, the landlord, engaged Carlo Goldoni that was considered as the most important playwright of the city at that time.

The building in 1875 was entitled to Carlo Goldoni while celebrating the anniversary of his birth by an initiative of Angelo Moro Lin supported by Regina De Marchi, Vendramin Widow, the happening was celebrated with the exhibition of his leave opera “ una delle ultime sere di Carnovale” ( one of the last Carnival evenings).

In 1882 the Marigonda family succeeded to the Vendramin family and then to other propriety, in 1937 the management was entrusted to I.C.S.A. Company.

Closed after the war and dispossessed in 1957 it has been inaugurated in 1979 with La Locandiera By Carlo Goldoni right after a massive and complete restoration to improve capacity and services.

The Goldoni Theatre in is the middle of the historical centre of Venice, nearby Rialto Bridge, the hall is structured with a stall and 4 rows with Gallery/boxes, it has 800 seats, the stage is 12 meters long and 11 meters deep.

The Goldoni theatre host the prose season, organized by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto “ Carlo Goldoni” the exibithions by Teatro Ragazzi, Lyric, Ballets and many other shows.

The director of Teatro stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni is Alessandro Gassman.

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