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The Saint Apostles Church

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This building can be found on the homonymous square, on the beginning of Strada Nova that goes from Rialto to the train station.

Probably on this place there was already another church since the IX century, the area is one of the oldest of the city, unfortunately there are no document existing to prove this hypothesis, there is only a document to establish a complete restoration of the church in 1201.

Legend says that the building was erected by Saint Magno, after he had an apparition, during an ecstasy moment, of the 12 apostles, they ordered him to build the church on the precise place where
He would have meet 12 birds.

Architect Mauro Codussi in 400 added few parts to the building, and archway (on the lateral façade) The Corner family Chapel and the Sacristy.

In 1575 the church was rebuilt and only the main walls were kept, few frescoes and the Corner’ s Chapel. The opera was by Alessandro Vittoria.

During the restoration the corpse of Saint Ametisto, a gift by Caterina Corner was moved to the Church of San Salvador where he still is.

The bell tower was built in 1672, works ended in XVIII century by Andrea Tirali, who ended the bells cell and the cusp.
The church is a sole nave plant, noticeable is the Corner’ s family chapel, finely engraved, where many members of the family rest.

To be mentioned are the painting of Christ between the Saints by Sarti (1828), the communion Of Saint Lucia by Tiepolo (1748) the birth of the Virgin (1599) by Francesco Montemezzano, 2 statues by Francesco Lazzari (Saint Peter and Paul) and the fall of the manna by Paolo Veronese.

However those are only few of the operas preserved inside this splendid church.

Bell tower of Santi Apostoli Church - Venice
Facade of Santi Apostoli Church - Venice
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