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Church of Saint Mary of Nazareth

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This church is beside the train station, in front of the barefoot bridge It is called also the barefoot church) and it faces the Grand Canal.

It is an opera by Longhena from XVIII century (consecrated in 1705). This building is positioned on an heavy passage place and it is ignored by the most, this is a pity, they don ‘t know what they miss. Inside are many colourful marbles, Corinthians columns, there is a general impression of majesty and opulence.

The church has an unique nave with two lateral chapels each one has a minor chapel in it, on the apse there is the friars chorus, the main altar is decorated with a baldacchino held by Giuseppe Pozzo’s columns.

The façade was built after the main building (as per the majority of the churches) between 1672 and 1680 by Giuseppe Sardi thanks to the financial help of the noble Cavazza. Its style is a late Venetian Baroque, is divided in two parts and decorated by Falconi and Bissone’s statues.

On the inside of the church there are a lot of important arts, made by very famous artists for example like Tiepolo. One of its most beautiful art (Trasporto della Casa di Loreto) was destroyed by austrian bombs but it was well replaced by a Ettore Tito’s 400 sq wall-painting and a 100sq tapestry.

Inside the church was buried the Doge Ludovico Manin.

Address: Fondamenta degli Scalzi, 57 Cannareggio
Water-bus stop: Ferrovia

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