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If you need an idea during your stay those pages are the right place where to lurk. We propose several itineraries, from art and culture, the accessible ones, or the most curios and particular, just to follow an out of the standard way, something different. 

Discover the Saint Mark’ s secrets and his monuments, visit the Rialto market as you never did before, visit the most hidden and dark corners of Venice and get off, at list for one day, from the crowded. and the same places. Discover the tales of the forgotten but rich of popular tradition corners. Discover the wild life around the city, the lagoon and its islands, and much more.

The Sestiere of Dorsoduro it’ s a liveliness, rich of history and quite populated part of the city, many are the ways to visit it and way more the ways to talk about it.

The sestiere (quarter) of St.Mark is the original centre of the city so called "rivoalto" (from here the name "Rialto") it is faced on St. Marks’ Basin and the Gran Canal, it confines with the "Sestieri" of Castello and Cannaregio, part of the "Sestiere" is St. George island. (that can be reached by public water bus).

The “ Sestiere di San Polo”, the name comes from the Church of Saint Paul Evangelist, is in the heart of Venice. In the beginning of Venetian history, the “ Sestiere di San Polo” and the Sestiere di Santa Croce ” were as one and called “Luprie”. The whole area was the Salt deposit of the City.

The sestiere of Santa Croce is the easiest part of the city to reach, it includes the Maritime Port and Piazzale Roma (the only part of the city reachable by car).

The Cannaregio quarter (sestiere) is washed on the northern side by the lagoon and on the south by the Grand Canal , it is one of the most “Venetian” there you can still see the life from citizens side...

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