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Redentore, or the Redeemer’s Festival, is a traditional venetian celebration held every year on the third Sunday of July, mostly on Giudecca island and throughout St Mark’s Basin.

The festival celebrates the great boon received by the city in ancient times, with the abatement and conclusion of the great plague which brought death to over a third of the city. With the end of the plague, the Doge vowed that the Redeemer would be celebrated every year.

Aside from the religious aspect, the festival is highly anticipated thanks to the great display of fireworks held in the night between Saturday and Sunday over St Mark’s Basin, as well as the three regattas which take place on the following day. These regattas involve different kinds of traditional boats and watercrafts.

The Redeemer Regattas will be held on the Grand Canal from 16:00 (two-oar Pupparini regatta for the young), to 16:45 (two-oar Pupparini regatta for everyone else), and 17:30 (two-oar Gondola regatta).

This year’s Redeemer festival will officially begin on July 20th at 19:00 with the opening of the barge bridge that links the Redeemer’s Church on Giudecca Island to Venice. At 23:30 the fireworks display will light up the night over the St Mark’s Basin.


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