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Luce, the rebirth of Venice

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At the Tese dell 'Arsenale in Venice there will be seven installations by Helidon Xhixha, who returns to the lagoon with the project "Light, the Renaissance of Venice" curated by Michele Bonuomo.
The Albanian artist is known all over the world for his stainless steel sculptures and in 2019 he brought the project "The Twin Bottles. Message in the bottle ".

“In Helidon Xhixha's sculptures the weight of steel, a material that more than any other belongs to him, becomes mobile and light until it disappears, as if it were a soap bubble shaken by an even lighter breath of wind. Heaviness and bulkiness, primary characteristics of any plastic artefact, in his case they change state as in a sort of alchemical practice, becoming light and minute in the observer's gaze: everything that is ballasted on the ground becomes aerial and that which invades space it is altered and reduced in size until it merges with its surroundings. - comments the curator Michele Bonuomo - Through an unstoppable dynamic process, made evident by the reflections collected and relaunched by the mirror surfaces that characterize his sculptures, Helidon Xhixha triggers an endless dialogue between his states of consciousness and those that are proposed, unpredictable and different each time, in the eyes of those who reflect themselves in them. The mirror is still intended as a place for the "double" - as both the ancient mystery tradition and the twentieth century that investigates the unconscious dictate - and at the same time it is the opening to cross to venture into augmented and enigmatic visions of reality (Alice lives here ... ).

The seven installations created by Xhixha will be exhibited at the Tese dell’Arsenale until 13 December: they can be visited for free, from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16 and Saturday and Sunday (including holidays) from 10 to 17.



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