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"Les yeux qui louchent": for an extraordinary observation

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Les yeux qui louchent is the title of the exhibition visible at the Galleria Alberta Pane until December 23, 2017. The title recalls the French paraphrase used to indicate strabismus, an optical defect that, translated into the artistic field, is transformed into a quality, or better in “par excellence” quality that makes the artists privileged observers able to observe the Reality according to two different directions, opposed, allowing them to grasp what is beyond its same.

Igor Eškinja, Fritz Panzer, Manuela Sagi, Michele Spanghero, João Vilhena are the artists who expose, in the spaces of the Lagoon Gallery, their works resulting from this non-ordinary view.

However the exposed subjects seem of a familiar nature: seascapes, geometrical motifs, people on the road, everyday objects…but each of these images then slowly reveals its multiple and deepest identities. Not the blurry bystanders but their passage, their fingerprints. Not the smoky landscapes but what they represent.

The scenes represented are transformed, thanks to an effort of perception, from usual to abstract projecting on a different level of knowledge and allowing the visitor the recovery, to some extent, of the instinctual dimension towards reality alongside of phenomenological observation.

Between the conscience-subject, and the reality-object, there is an inseparable relationship, in which there is no opposition (Edmund Husserl, father of phenomenology century).

For us today as for Husserl then, the aim will be to recover, next to the rational dimension, that instinctual, which, in our century as in the past, the scientific domain sometimes threatens to cancel.


When: 30 September − 23 December 2017

Where: Galleria Alberta Pane

Dorsoduro 2403/H

Calle dei Guardiani, Venice

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10.30-19.00 or by appointment

Info: + 39 041 5648481

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